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STX Shipbuilding Developed World’s Largest 22,000 TEU Containership
May 28, 2008
- Succeeded in Developing a 22,000 TEU Containership … Showing World’s Best Technology
- Significantly Cut Shipping Costs … Establish a Favorable Foundation for Future Containership Market

STX Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (President: Chung Gwang-suk, www.stxship.co.kr) announced on Wednesday (28th, May) that it has succeeded in developing the world’s first 22,000 TEU containership--the world’s largest ship capable of transporting an unprecedented number of 22,000 standard container boxes.

The company has surpassed the level of 20,000 TEU which had been considered as the production limit both technologically and financially, and the recently-developed boxship has proved the superiority of Korean shipbuilding technology that currently dominates the global shipbuilding market.

The world’s largest containership currently in service is the 13,500 TEU ship built in Denmark

The containership developed by STX can load 22,000 units of six meter-containers. The 460-meter-long, 60-meter-wide, and 30-meter-deep ship would become the largest of its type. It will be available in one- or two-propeller configurations and the deck area will be about the size of four soccer fields.

In particular, the new design is capable of speeds in the range of 24 to 26 knots, which is the normal speed of medium-and large-sized vessels.

According to STX shipbuilding, the new 22,000 TEU containership will reduce per container shipping costs by 40 percent when compared to the existing large container ships, becoming a practical alternative in the era of high oil prices.

Particularly, the design has been developed taking into account berthing, loading and unloading capabilities at major ports. It has done a thorough research to ensure that this ship will not exceed the length and width restrictions of the world’s major ports and even if deployed now, will be compatible with major east/west shipping routes linking China and other emerging markets to the United States and Europe.

Last year, STX shipbuilding received orders for nine 13,000 TEU container ships from an European ship owner, and has intensively researched on “securing large sized ship-building technology” which is one of the major management goals in this year.

The shipbuilder said that it has carried out researches on basic ship calculations & hull form development centered on the shipbuilding & marine research institute since last year, and finished tests on major factors that new ship should provide.
STX shipbuilding’s official said “Along with the acquisition of the global cruise ship company Aker Yard, STX shipbuilding completed the set-up of major production base at home and abroad. The development of the world’s largest containership that proves STX shipbuilding’s up-to-date technology will lay a foundation for us to become the world’s leading shipbuilder.”

* TEU is a unit of cargo capacity, and a 1 TEU ship can load one unit of 20 feet (6 meter) container. Therefore, the containership recently developed by STX can load 22,000 units of 6 meter-containers.